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St. Paul Lutheran Church



  1. Worship (SP)
  2. Sunday School (Gr)
  3. Worship (Gr)


  1. St. James of Jerusalem

Tuesday, October 24th

  1. Bible Study (Gr)

Wednesday, October 25th

  1. Catechism (Gr)

Saturday, October 28th

  1. St. Simon @ St. Jude, Apostles

Sunday, October 29th

  1. Worship (SP)
  2. Sunday School (Gr)
  3. Communion Worship (Gr)

Tuesday, October 31st

  1. Reformation
  2. Bible Study (Gr)

Wednesday, November 1st

  1. All Saints' Day
  2. Catechism (Gr)

Thursday, November 30th

  1. St. Andrew, Apostle

Thursday, December 21st

  1. St. Thomas, Apostle

Tuesday, December 26th

  1. St. Stephen, Deacon and Martyr

Wednesday, December 27th

  1. St. John, Apostle and Evangelist

Thursday, December 28th

  1. The Holy Innocents, Martyrs

Monday, January 1st

  1. The Name of Jesus

Saturday, January 6th

  1. Epiphany of Our Lord

Thursday, January 18th

  1. The Confession of St. Peter